Cyberpunk 2077: L- 69 ZHOU Legendary Shotgun Blueprint | How To Get It (Location & Guide)

In Cyberpunk 2077, legendary are the highest level of weapon you can get and buy. Some of the Legendaries can be dropped by bosses, some can be bought from specific merchants, some can be crafted, and some can be a reward in completing specific tasks. This guide will help you how to get the L-69 ZHOU Legendary Shotgun. 

L-69 Zhou Legendary Shotgun

So in order to get the Legendary Shotgun you need to find the job “Gig: Family Heirloom” (see map below).

Now you may have finished this job but wasn’t able to get the craft recipe for the L-69 ZHOU Shotgun, you can always come back to this area and grab the craft recipe. But if you’re doing this job the first time we’ll show you where to go and locate the craft recipe. 

After locating the place, you will see this area and just go down to this direction (see image below).

Then just go down to the garage and you will encounter enemies. Again if you already finished this job you can just straight pick up the craft recipe, but if it’s your first time doing this one it will be safer to eliminate the enemies as well.

After eliminating the enemies just go to this part of the garage, and you will have a gate that you can open(see image below), as you can see it’s hard to spot where the crafting recipe is, so make sure to survey the whole place.

Then just grab the recipe and head over to your crafting to craft the L-69 Zhou Legendary shotgun. This shotgun has a DPS of 1,055 and since it is a smart weapon it homes in on targets. It also has a random damage type from chemical, electrical, physical and thermal damage.

You can also buy this legendary weapon on these shops, if the weapon isn’t available just skip 24 hours in the menu and check if the weapon is available in the shop. 

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