Cyberpunk 2077 – 20 HIDDEN Secrets You Missed!

We’ll let you in on a secret, actually 20 secrets and features. Here are things you can do in Cyberpunk 2077 and Night City that you might have missed. These include features, easter eggs, glitches, and other unique details about Cyberpunk 2077 that you might now be aware of and how to find them or do them if possible. 

In no particular order, first off is one of the hidden moments in Cyberpunk 2077 which has to do with the Relic chip malfunctions. Whenever your HUD glitches and sends you into a malfunction, try to find the closest mirror that you can. If you time looking into the mirror correctly, your reflection will be that of Johnny Silverhand and not your custom V character. V will have a unique voiceline and you can look at the fringes of the mirror and the environment and Silverhand’s eyes will follow. 

Next, we have the ability to kill the antagonist Adam Smasher before the final showdown in Arasaka Towers. In fact you can do so in your first meeting with Smasher during the Heist Mission with Jackie Welles. To do this, you have to opt not to hide when Yorinobu and Smasher get off the elevator to their pad. Quick Hacking is the way to go to put down Smasher who is weak to short circuit. This however, soft-locks the game which means you won’t be able to progress but it is still awesome to completely blindside the full borg so early into the game. 

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Adam Smasher

A big element of Cyberpunk 2077 and a prominent questline is called Fool on the Hill. You must collect tarot cards for Misty. No need to collect all the tarot cards in the game to complete the quest and there are two additional secret tarot cards in the game for you to complete your deck. The first one is during the final boss battle with Adam Smasher before you reach Mikoshi, which can be completed in any of the endings minus the ones siding with Arasaka. The Judgement tarot card (put screenshot below) can be found on an upright pillar jutting out from the ground on the floor of the arena where you have to take down Smasher. Next is called the Devil, which can be found in the ending where you align with Arasaka and trust Hanako to help you and give you access to Arasaka’s neuroscientists to help find a solution to the Relic. This tarot card can be found inside a rubix cube that you are asked to solve by Arasaka’s staff, in a cognitive function test after a surgery where the Relic is extracted. Both of these will pop up in your tarot inventory after you found them. 

And then there’s the Easter Egg quest which you will likely get a very late game. This involves a man named Zane in a high end corporate outfit stored named Jinguji. This will be marked on your map as an undiscovered location quest and it begins after you peruse some of the clothing options that are offered. A cyberpsycho (same cyberpsycho from 2013 teaser trailer) will attack the location weilding a very long machete and your task is to hold him off before a MAX TAC unit arrives to neutralize him. The unit eventually comes and takes out the cyberpsycho and sits you and Zane down to ask you some questions about the attack. 

Next up are mirroring Breaking Bad (tv show) references. First one is found on the roof of River Ward’s house in the trailer park. If you climb up onto the roof, you will see a pizza on top, a cool homage to the iconic scene of Walter White tossing the pizza on his roof in rage after getting curbed by his ex-wife Skyler White. The other one is the name of a gig called the Heisenberg Principle where you have to destroy a lab which produces a deadly synthetic drug known as Glitter. This runs in parallel with the overall premise of Breaking Bad and the fact that Walter White, known on the street as Heisenberg, inevitably ends up manufacturing crystal meth. 

A secret Katana, which could be the Heaven’s Storm, is shown off in a Tyger Claws warehouse in between the hills of North Oak and Japantown. Once you have cleared out the whole complex and you walk down into the basement you will see a protected case housing the Katana. On a computer upstairs there is a list of the most popular hobby swords that the Claws are presumably selling. You can also get disposable weapons from a Budget Arms vending machine on some city streets. 

Yes you can have your very own pet cat for your apartment. To get Nibbles the cat, you must first find the Feed The Cat shard which is located on a garbage bin on the left hand side as you exit your apartment in Watson. You can obtain cat food from some of the vendors in Night City. Place food near the garbage bin, come back and you’ll find Nibbles. Take him home and place in a laundry basket or desk. 

The ability to repair and ride the roller coaster in Pacifica is something fun to do with Johnny Silverhand. This could be the first and last time you will see Johnny/Keanu Reeves smile in the game. So if you need a break from Night City, do this with Johnny. You first have to fix a control panel right under the dock where the roller coaster is. 

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Legendary specs are hard to come by in Cyberpunk 2077 but there is probably one you did not notice For an iconic tech weapon prominently featured in Cyberpunk 2077’s marketing campaign and the infamous 48 minute demo. The Achilles is a legendary tech rifle, to get it you will need to take an elevator to the Afterlife roof and jump up to this vantage point (see below photo). 

Back to the easter eggs, here’s a couple related to Blade Runner and one of the grandfathers of Cyberpunk  aesthetics Syd Mead. If you head over to the Columbarium in North Oak, you will find prominent figures in the world of Cyberpunk genre as well as the game itself. There is a memorial for Jackie Welles and Evelyn Parker but also one for Replicant Roy Batty and of course for Syd Mead. There are a ton of matrix easter eggs in Cyberpunk 2077 with the most obvious red and blue pills, which subdue or expand Keanu’s digital presence within V.  

Pondsmith has been immortalized in the game with him being the radio host of Morro Rock Radio. There is also a street named after him which can be found as you enter Japantown. 

Prolific developer Hideo Kojima has a cameo role rocking some swanky gear in the bar of Konpeki Plaza. Judging by the dialogue, he seems to be a Steven Spielberg-esque Braindance director or editor. 

You can also see the BB from Death Stranding, his most recent title in a mission with detective River Ward. 

Most of you may have actually finished Cyberpunk 2077 and are now waiting for DLC but there are 3 life path specific quests which you might not have the chance to play if you only run through the game once.  For the Street Kid, there is Small Man Big-Mouth. The Nomad has these boots made for walking with Alanah Pearce and the Corpo has war pigs which gives more context to the Abernathy Saga. Prominent characters from the lore like Smasher, Silverhand, Rogue and Alt make an appearance in Cyberpunk 2077 but Shaitan and Spider Murphy are also shown. There have been aesthetic changes to Cyberpunk 2020 characters to fit more inline with CDPR’s vision but there are a couple of times where we get to see Shaitan. Shaitan is a full borg in a lore who in the source books looks like this:


In the center of Kabuki, there is also a secret net running room with a massive Samurai logo on the wall that Silverhand is keen to open. The door requires a code which is 60518. Inside will be a video slideshow of all developers who worked at CD PROJEKT RED, who worked on Cyberpunk 2077 throughout the years. There is also a hidden message section at the top, but the inbox says zero so maybe the content will be added down the road. 

A super hidden character in side stories of Cyberpunk 2077 is Mr. Blue Eyes. You will meet him at the end of the game for a contract, if you follow the path of glory or the secret ending path. This is a character that shows up in your final meeting with Jefferson Peralez but players probably did not notice him as he is in the background surveying your conversations. 

There is a ton of Witcher imagery and easter eggs as well including the Game of the Year magazine featuring Ciri on the cover in the beginning of the corporate life path. There is also an arcade game called Roach as well as drones named after fantasy creatures from the Witcher universe. 

Finally, there are no flying cars in the game but you can always hitch a ride with story or general AVs by climbing on top of them. Be reminded that they will get to a point in the air where they will either stop or despawn.  

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