Cyberpunk 2077: Panam Romance Guide

Cyberpunk is a game of life simulation in Night City. That means you also have to form relationships in the game. Here is a guide on how you can build a romantic relationship with Panam Palmer, an ex nomad who’s into monster trucks.

First, Meet Panam at Ghost Town and help her take down Nash’s Gang. Then ask her if she wants to share a room with you at the Sunset Motel since there are two twin beds. After this, complete the lightning story break Mission.

Next, save Mitch at the Life During Wartime Misson and come with you to track down Hellman. Also, Make sure to stand up for Panam in front of Saul at the end of the mission, and she will thank you for doing so.

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After finishing the Main missions to build a romantic relationship with Panam, you have to complete side missions like Riders on the Storm, where you need to ride with her to rescue Saul and interact with her once inside the house. “With a Little Help from My Friends” is also one of the side quests you need to finish where you need to meet Panam in Aldecaldo’s camp and have a conversation with Panam. Finally, complete the Queen of the Highway task to return to the Aldecaldos’ camp in Basilisk and join and have a final discussion with Panam, which will end you have a relationship with her. Make sure to complete the side missions before 24 in-game hours have passed, or you will fail, and you’ll lose your opportunity to romance Panam.

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