Choosing a lifepath in Cyberpunk 2077 | Guide

Making our own personal and preferred decisions is one of the best characteristics Cyberpunk 2077 has. Even at the beginning of the game it will let you choose your life path, with the choices being – Nomad, Street Kid and Corpo. 

Each life path has a unique backstory and different experiences throughout the game. It also has a unique prologue for each path you choose, and different locations and characters to introduce you to the Night City. It also gives additional dialogue choices in certain situations in the game. Now to help you, let’s discuss each life path and what are their differences. 


If you’re interested in the corporations that run most of the Cyberpunk 2077 then this life path is for you. Corpos will begin their adventure in City Center, the business district of Night City. You will be surrounded by towering skyscrapers with boardrooms of executives, and dealing with Arasaka and other corporations. This means that you can deal with from upper echelon.

The little downside for the Corpo life path is that you’ll have a little knowledge of Badlands and the Streets of Night City, which will make it harder to interact with people living there. 


If you choose the Nomad life path your life will start in the Badlands rather than in Night City. The prologue will focus on meeting Jackie that will help smuggle contraband in the Night City checkpoint. The knowledge you have as a nomad can be used in a lot of ways, including gathering information from fellow Nomads, the experience in the Badlands, and making small talks about vehicles and machines. Nomads have bad reputations, especially with corporates and police and are treated like outcasts. So they are good in the savvy business of acquiring and transporting stolen corporate goods and gaining profit out of it. 

Sadly, for the Nomad life path, you will have a hard time dealing with corporation employees and less experience dealing with the Night City gangs.

Street Kid

If you select the Street Kid life path you will grow up in Night City and you will have more experience working with street gangs. Your journey will begin at Heywood, a large district that houses the majority of people of Night City. Unlike the Nomad and Corpo you won’t be viewed as an outsider by the gangs in Night City, allowing you to gain knowledge about the gangs and their various activities. Street kids have a wealth of knowledge about the city, knowing every street and everyone who lives there. Their street smarts and their connections with the people who live there can help them.

However, you will be at a disadvantage when dealing with nomad groups and less familiar in the Badlands, as well you will have a hard time dealing with corporation employees. 

Video Chapters:

Intro: 0:00

Corpo: 0:36

Nomad: 1:36

Street Kid: 2:25

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