Cyberpunk 2077 – 5 FREE LEGENDARY Cyberware Items YOU NEED!

There are different types of legendary items you can obtain in Cyberpunk 2077. With weapons and gear differing in both type and tier, it is easy to forget that your body too can be made into a living breathing weapon of destruction. Here are locations of five legendary cyberware items which you can pick up anytime now completely for free. Some are legendary mods which will give your cyberware insane buffs and some will be actual pieces of legendary cyberware you can easily pick up. 

Legendary Beast Mode Cyberware MOD

Beast mode attaches to any biodyne berserk operating system you currently have installed. When activated, it grants you a 15% bonus to armor and resistance. Another 15% bonus to half regeneration and a whopping 100% bonus to your melee damage which for the cyberware mod is absolutely huge and perfect for anyone rocking a melee build. Before you get this mod, you will want to pick up the legendary version of the biodyne berserk. This can be purchased from the ripperdoc in Japantown region of Westbrook in this location on the map:

The biodyne berserk mark IV comes with a ton of bonuses when activated. It reduces weapon recoil by 25%, increases melee damage by 25%, increases damage with ranged attacks by 20% and increases armor and resistances by 5%. Also while berserk is active but jumping from a high height initiates a superhero landing. That creates a shockwave that damages nearby enemies. So you have a little bonus when using it. Once you are able to activate your berserk ability, head on over to this location on the map in the city center downtown:

Once you get here, walk up the road then take a left and you’ll find yourself just outside of a parking garage. Head inside of the parking garage and make your way to the level below. You must find a crate which contains the Legendary Beast Mode Cyberware MOD. This is a must have for melee builds.

The Legendary Monowire

This cybernetic modification is made from a monofilament that can be whipped at enemies, cutting them on contact. The monowire can be charged to deal a concentrated amount of physical damage. Often dismembering an enemy in one foul swipe. With the added ability to do a bonus damage per charge level along with its boost to both crit and bleach hands, you are looking at one of the best melee weapons in the game. To get this, head over to this location marked on the map:

This will take you in front of a pharmaceutical building. Once you get there, move along to the left of the building until you see some garages. Open the first garage that is attached to the building. You will find this legendary piece of cyberware inside a crate. Once attained, install it at your nearest ripperdoc. Get your hands on this if you do not have this yet!

Legendary Sandevistan Arasaka Software MOD

This is definitely useful for stealth builds who are most likely rocking a Sandevistan operating system. At the very crux of this operating system is the ability to slow down time and activation. Which also comes with a range of buffs to v as far as crit chance and damage is concerned. Although these can be bought at various ripperdocs, there is no better choice for this MOD than the Militech Falcon Sandevistan mark 5 which can more specifically be brought from the ripperdoc at Wellsprings right here on the map:

This will be a stealth builds best friend as when activated it slows down time by 30%, for a grand total of 18 seconds. It also increases overall damage by 15%, crit chance by 20% and crit damage by 35% while the Sandevistan is active. It can be made even better when applying the Legendary Arasaka Software MOD which when attached to the operating system increases the time taken for enemies to notice you by 70% when Sandevistan is active. This means, you will be invisible when sneaking through enemy compounds. To get this cyberware MOD, head on over to Arasaka estate which is marked here:

Once there, hop over the gate and make your way over to the house at the very end. From there, you need to climb to the very top of the building where you will find a red bar. Hop over the bar and open the bedazzle case beneath you and inside is the Legendary Arasaka Software MOD. 

Legendary Mantis Blades 

If you are more of a reflexes build, you have sunk a few perks into the blade subclass then the Legendary Mantis Blade is a must have for lovers of sharpened steel. Not only does this cyberware installation allow you to do an insane amount of physical damage to your target with a chance of inflicting the bleeding condition. It also comes with the ability to leap towards enemies. This means you will no longer have to waste stamina running after enemies that are out of your reach. Stamina is incredibly important when it comes to melee oriented combat. Collecting this piece of legendary cyberware is as easy as heading over to the behavioral health center in the city center of Corpo Plaza

Once you are there, rather than heading into the center, take the doorway to its left and sneak over to the supply box.

You do not have to zero the cyber psycho on patrol here. This is important to know and remember especially if you’re trying to do this at an early stage in the game. Trying to take this guy out early will be quite a big task. Once collected, go to the nearest ripperdoc and install the legendary blades. 

Legendary Rin3U Battery MOD 

This attaches to the gorilla arms piece of cyberware and restores 100% of your stamina upon killing an enemy. A must have legendary for someone rocking the gorilla arms. Before you pick up this MOD, it is best to obtain the legendary gorilla arms first. If you are close to completing the main campaign of the game, go ahead and do so as finishing the story actually awards you with this legendary cyberware free of charge. The alternative to this is they can be brought from two different locations. First is at the ripperdoc at Heywood Wild Springs:

Second is from the ripperdoc at downtown city center:

Beef up the legendary cyberware with the Rin3U Battery. Head on to this location in Watson Kabuki. Once there, move straight to the area filled with the bags of cement and cargo containers until you find a blue owl shaped container with an item box next to it. Inside is the Legendary Rin3U Battery MOD 

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