Cyberpunk 2077 V for Vendetta Trophy / Achievement Guide

Cyberpunk 2077 has a total of 44 trophies, 14 of which are hidden trophies. For most players out there completing these achievements will be like completing and beating the whole game as well. You can earn these trophies by completing certain side activities, killing enemies in specific ways or simply completing the main storyline of Cyberpunk. One of the hard trophies to get is the “V for Vendetta” Trophy, but lucky for you we have a guide on how you can easily complete this achievement.

V For Vendetta Trophy

The V for Vendetta trophy requires you to kill an enemy that killed you within 5 seconds. Now, in order to complete this trophy you need to have of the following:

  • Body Attribute level 16
  • Street credit level 49 and €$42,000 to buy the “Second Heart”

Now after having these requirements, you need to buy the “Second Heart”, just go to a Ripperdoc in Heywood, Wellspring (see map below).

After buying the heart, just find some enemies that you can fight. Then let the enemy kill you after that you will revive and you just need to kill the enemy that killed you in 5 seconds.

Don’t worry if it costs you this much money, the trick here is just make a manual save before spending the money and your attribute points, then after getting the achievement load your save and you will get back your money the attribute points you spent. 

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