The 5 BEST Legendary & Iconic Cyberpunk 2077 Weapons & Where To Get Them!

In Cyberpunk 2077 legendary and iconic weapons come in all different forms, they can be recognized by their distinctive names and have special perks to go with it. Some have elemental damage, high chance  to dismember enemies and even fire piercing rounds. One will definitely suit you depending on your play style, but most players will find these five particular weapons very useful, and here’s why.

Divided We Stand

The first one in our list is the legendary smart rifle that you can get on the 6th Street gang in a side quest called “Stadium Love”. You just have to talk to the 6th street leader about a shooting competition. Just complete the quest, you can kill the 6th Street gang to get the weapon or just pocket it and run away.

he weapon grants the capability to target up to 5 enemies simultaneously. It will also deal chemical damage with a chance to apply poison. Since it’s a smart weapon, it  can home in on targets with self guided micro projectiles. Just remember that you need a smart link to use any of the smart weapons.


Skippy has the unique ability to level up with your character, so you might keep this one especially if your build revolves around smart weaponry. This weapon deals electrical damage, increases crit by 66.99% and has a 2.7x headshot.

Skippy can be found in Vista Del Ray, Heywood, down an alley, you will find a corpse with a small pistol nearby. Once you get Skippy it will talk to you and let you choose from Stone-Cold Killer or Puppy-Loving Pacifist. The option selected will eventually result in Skippy switching the gun mode of the opposite choice so make sure to choose wisely. 

Widow Maker

Widow Maker is a tech rifle that can be obtained through a quest with Panam called “Ghost Town”. Then another shootout will begin with Nash and his crew, just kill everyone, and find Nash and he will drop the Widow Maker.

This weapon fires 2 projectiles per shot and deals chemical damage and chance to apply poison. Charge shots will also deal more damage and this weapon has also a slot for weapon mod and scope. 


An iconic power weapon that has increased reload speed and comes with a custom silencer. With 40.89% crit chance and 108.26% crit damage, plus the 10% bleeding chance, this weapon is surely deadly.

You can obtain this by following the “Life During Wartime” mission, after getting a call from Panam that she needs help, just head to Aldecaldo’s camp in the Badlands. After finishing the mission, talk with Panam and walk with her to the motorcycles and she’ll give the Overwatch Sniper Rifle as a reward.


Another iconic weapon that can deal 174-213 physical damage, with 184% crit damage, 61% crit chance and 4 headshot damage multiplier, this guy can really do monster damage.To obtain this if you finish a chain of quests with River Ward.

You have to complete the mission titled “Following The River” and if you end up in a positive relationship with River he will give his iconic pistol.

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1. Crash: 3:00

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