Cyberpunk 2077: The 3 Best Character Builds

There are many play styles you can build in Cyberpunk 2077. Some of them can be confusing but still has strong and overpowering builds. Here are the three best character builds that can help you kill your enemies. Remember to equip double jump and arm cannon with tranquilizer rounds first before building as a precursor. 

The Standard

This is also called Solo Base Build. It allows you to stat into multiple categories and evenly unlock perks for a reasonably well-rounded build. This build can also be used for a run and gun playstyle. You’ll want to focus mainly on body technical ability and intelligence. 


Athletics Annihilation
1. Marathoner
2. Regeneration
3. True Grit
1. Dead Center
2. Perks that can increase weapon damage
1. Executioner
1. Engineering
2. Mech Looter
3. Can’t Touch This 
Technical Ability

For Cyberware, you need to pick-up as many defense add-ons as possible. Sub-dermal plating and fireproof coating are two of the great add-ons that you need to get. It’s really up to you for weapons, but pistols can be a good suggestion since they have strong DPS.

The Netrunner

If you want to be the master hacker and kill your enemies through hacking, this build is definitely for you. 


Breach ProtocolQuick Hacking
1. All Mass Vulnerability
2. Big Sleep
3. Total Recall
4.Totaler Recall
5. Turret Tamer
2. Blooware
3. Forget-me-not
4. Signal Support
5. Optimization
6. Master Ram Liberator

For Cyberware, make sure to use an operating system that unlocks better hacking abilities, ram management, and regeneration. Having weapons is not advisable since you are going to kill your enemies through hacking.

The Blade Based

In this build, you are nearly untouchable because of your speed. 


1. Dog of War
2. Regeneration
3. Marathoner
4. Epimorphosis
1. Hail of Bullets
2. Speed Demon
3. Momentum Shift
1. Flight of the Sparrow
2. Roaring Waters
3. Judge, Jury, and Executioner
4. Unbroken Spirit
5. Blessed Blade
6. Fiery Blast
7. Deathbolt
1. Crouching Tiger
2. Assassin
3. Strike from the Shadows
4. Hidden Dragon

For Cyberware,  equip the mantis blades for your arms, select heal-on-kill for a slot in the frontal cortex, the second heart for the circulatory system, and use a micro-vibration generator for your skeleton. Katanas and Mantis Blades  are the recommended weapons for this build since they are extremely fast.

Time Stamps:

00:00 – Intro

00:40 – The Standard

02:15 – The Netrunner

03:54 – The Blade Based

06:04 – Outro

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