TEN OUT OF TEN Trophy/Achievement Guide! Reach the Max Level in Any Skill | Cyberpunk 2077

This is going to cover a missable trophy and achievement called “10 out of 10” which requires you to reach max level in any skill. This is missable if you are not able to max out an attribute.

So, you’re going to max out one of your attributes. There are many ways to earn unlimited craft and experience points in which skill you would want to max out. You can choose to level up which skill or attribute that you wish though there are other easier ways to do than this but this allows you to get all the achievements in one playthrough.

You need to craft items that includes perks that you can buy to speed up the process. The perks are technical so you would want to invest in tune-up that allows you to upgrade lower quality components into higher ones.

Ex Nihilo grants 20 chances of crafting an item for free and True Craftsman, Grease Monkey, and Edge Runner Artisan will allow you to upgrade rare epic and legendary items. There is also one perk that automatically dismantles junk and another perk that allows you to gain components when dismantling.

The best way to get the crafting scale maxed out is to use the money glitch. This glitch is where you get the painting from completing the Space Odyssey side job. You can sell it for 4 thousand eddies at any drop points and if you exit and re-enter, you can buy it back for just 5 eddies. You gain 3995 eddies every time that you do this at any drop point. You just have to fast forward time for 24 hours to replenish the glitch. Just make sure that you have the painting before you fast forward time or you’ll lose it forever.

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