Cyberpunk 2077: MYSTERY 6TH SKILL TREE SOLVED? – Secret Johnny Silverhand Attribute / Cut Content?

Ever wonder what the sixth attribute is for? Was it cut from the game? Something to be added in future DLC? Here’s our speculations on what this is. 

As many of you noticed in your character tab, there is a sixth skill tree without a name and does nothing. Earlier on within the first gameplay trailers and footage, the sixth skill tree was there. After game developments into the game, and changes in the whole design and construct of character attributes, there should not be an empty skill. So why is it here? A speculation is this was actually meant to be a skill tree that progresses forward with us which directly affects Johnny Silverhand. An evidence to this theory is the fact that if you start a new character, create a new V, apply attributes and start the game, and when you go to your character’s tab you will not find a sixth skill tree. 

Another puzzling piece is the fact that this sixth skill tree does not appear until you get a biochip plugged into your cranium after the heist mission, which again injects Johnny Silverhand in your head. This would have been shown before the release but nothing has been mentioned. Why does this appear only when Johnny becomes a part of you? Many think it’s a content that has been cut to meet demands on an earlier than right release and was cut along with many other parts of the game. This could be a possibility but others believe this could be a part of a future content DLC expansion where we may get a new attribute skill with extra levels at the same time. Or the sixth skill tree could simply mean that Johnny is now a part of you/us. As this whole skill tree attribute page is basically the soul of our character. And when Johnny becomes a part of our soul he’s added to the page. 

Cyberpunk 2077: Johnny Silverhand has a larger role now
Johnny Silverhand

Let’s hope the creators will shed us some light as we are all dying to know what the sixth attribute is for!

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