Cyberpunk 2077: Weapons Explained (Smart vs. Tech vs. Power)

We all know that Cyberpunk has one of most amazing ideas in terms of weapons. Even though they have the common class such as pistols, shotguns, SMGs, rifles and snipers, what makes them interesting is the weapon types. Each weapon type provides a particular set of benefits and will definitely suit your playstyle. Our Cyberpunk 2077 weapons guide will give a summary on how Power, Tech and Smart weapons differ from one another and which are the best to use in different situations.

Power Weapons

Coming from its name, Power Weapons can be a reliable source of damage against most enemy types in Night city. These guns use traditional ammo and projectile technology, which means aside from dealing DPS, the damage can also ricochet off of surfaces. These weapons will usually have several mod slots and some passive bonuses such as thermal damage or headshot damage multipliers. Power Weapons also have a very high rate of fire to provide a high damage per second. That’s why the high recoil for this type is its weakness. Regardless, Power Weapons are very common and cover a wide variety of weapon classes. 

Tech Weapons

The Tech weaponry in Cyberpunk is known to be dealing a high penetration damage because of its electromagnetic charge to launch its ammunition at incredible high velocities. To add with that there’s no obstacles or shields in the game that stop a charged shot, which makes Tech Weapons a very agreeable choice in many combat situations. The drawback of this type is that charged shots require time between shots, limiting your rate of fire and therefore your DPS. So if you’re dealing with a lot of enemies and limited cover, Tech Weapons might not be your best bet. 

Smart Weapons

Smart Weapons are fanciest of the weapon types. This weapon type will require you to have a smart link installed in your hands in order to use them. When you aim and someone it will show a little circle on the enemy’s body and when you fire, all the bullets will target that specific body. Even if you’re shooting enemies around or behind cover, your bullets will find their targets. The downside of this weapon type is it lacks sheer damage potential if we compare it to other weapons, so it best suits when dealing with weaker enemies safely. 

Melee Weapon

Cyberpunk also showcases a variety of Melee Weapons. From gold plated baseball bats to katanas can be used to eliminate enemies. Of course the only drawback is that you’re bringing a knife into a gunfight, which means that you need to think of ways to get close to your enemies. 

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