Cyberpunk 2077 Class Guide | Solo & Netrunner Class

What makes Cyberpunk 2077 interesting is the classes that you can choose. However Cyberpunk’s class system is very flexible, which means whether you choose your class your skills are not locked on that specific class. This allows players to pick and mix the skills to create their perfect and preferred character. So whether you are a cautious player who prefers to sneak and hack or the one who is really skilled in fighting there skills that are bound to appeal to you. So here’s a quick guide for Solo and Netrunner class. 


The Solo class is the “warrior” class in the Cyberpunk universe. So if you prefer to rush in guns-blazing, go for this class. Solo’s skills are focused on fighting and weaponry, that means guns, swords and even bare fists are a viable option for this class. You can also rip through doors, rip turrets out of their holsters and even use someone as a meat shield in a shootout. With skills in a variety of weapon and combat proficiency, as well as stealth, perception and athletics. Their special ability “Combat Sense” allows them to perceive danger, notice traps and generally sense danger. 


If you want to be a stealthy computer-hacking wizard, this class lets you do that. Netrunner class gives an option to sneak and infiltrate areas undetected. Their skills revolve around hacking, programming, electronics and cybersecurity.These let you create distractions   by messing with nearby machines, you can also take control of security cameras, and even override other people’s implants. They can also hack intro access points to get information from enemies. Being able to bypass security systems or get the lowdown on your enemies ahead of time is sure to come in handy. 

Again Cyberpunk 2077 classes are fluid, you are not locked in a single class. The role you choose at the start of the game just defines your initial strengths and weaknesses but you can custom your builds as you progress through the game.

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