Cyberpunk 2077: 23 INSANE Little Details

Cyberpunk 2077 has really amazing graphics that can overwhelm you. But there are some little details in the game that you probably missed. So here are 23 insane little details that you shouldn’t miss.

23. Reload Animations

The reload animation will different if the clip is empty or partially empty. This is an incredible little detail that we probably missed in this game. Other games really don’t pay attention to this little and they will have the same animation whether your gun is full or partially empty.

22. The Graveyard

At the start the graveyard would just have a few names, but as you progress to the game, you will notice that more and more names will pop up in the graveyard. You will also see the NPCs, and even relevant characters that you assassinate in the story. You might want to visit them from time to time.

21. Gun Vending Machine

A vending machine for guns that probably we missed while playing this game. Though it dispenses a crappy looking pistol called, “Slaught-O-Matic” that is manufactured by “Budget Arms”. This gun is a disposable firearm which you throw after you run out of bullets. 

20. Detaching Limbs

One thing that we all love about Cyberpunk is its gore animations, it really makes the game more realistic and even more exciting. But it’s insane little detail is probably the different animations when you use different weapons. If you use your knife or any sharp objects you can see that the cut is clean whereas if you use a gun or an explosive weapon, it is a mess.

19. Shifting Gears

Riding motorcycles is probably one of the best rides in Cyberpunk 2077. But if you pay more attention you will notice that V’s right arm is manually shifting gears while reading a bike. Probably not an important detail but a cool one that makes the game feel more realistic. 

18. Guitar Playing

Guitar playing NPCs are actually accurately playing the song, this includes the song positions, chords and even the timing of the actual song that they’re playing. But it might be not for all the Guitar playing NPCs. 

17. Gun Stash

If you go to V’s apartment you will see the empty slots of stash that are waiting to be filled in with guns. But not all weapons will be placed in the stash, if you get iconic and legendary weapons, weapons that are better and have unique perks, there’s a good chance it might show up in your stash. And if you happen to get the weapons that really fit in these stash it will look really cool. 

16. Posters in Districts
If you go to older districts you will also see old and broken posters or ads, unlike to the cities that are not abandoned you will notice that their posters are still new and not broken. 

15. Ferris Wheel

You probably didn’t know that you can activate the Ferris Wheel. Even though it just distracts enemies it’s pretty cool to know that you can activate it. 

14. Roller Coaster

It’s not just the Ferris Wheel but also the Roller Coaster, and not just activate it you can ride it. There’s a quest that you can complete near the roller coaster and it’s not a difficult one. After finishing that quest it will give you access to ride the roller coaster. 

13. Gangs

Gangs in Cyberpunk are active, and if you’re lucky enough you will see them fighting each other out on the street. And not just gangs, you will also see police shootouts in certain parts of the city. 

12. Samurai Jacket

There is an iconic samurai jacket in the game, but you can only get it on the late part of the game. However you can get a replica of this jacket if you do a little job. But don’t expect it to be the same iconic samurai jacket. 

11. Forgiveness Booth

There is a Forgiveness Booth in the game that if you have 6 bucks on you you will be “forgiven” for all of your sins. 

10. Websites

There are actual websites that you can visit where you can read stories, and even news that happen in the game world. 

9. Lip Syncing

Believe it or not there is lip syncing in 10 different languages in this game. Other games if you try to switch languages you will notice that the language they speak is not in sync. But for Cyberpunk it has accurate lip syncing in multiple languages. 

8. Cars 

Cars are probably one of the most awesome in this game. But the details you should miss is that, it isn’t just the exterior designs that are different, including the interior. You can try to inspect the engine blocks, the trunk of the cars, even the seat and fabric patterns are different for each car. 

7. Car damage

After checking all the designs of your cars and how detailed they are, you also check out the detail damage. The bumper and hood can fall off once damaged, the lights can be knocked out as well. 

6. Digital Display

Another car detail, that when you drive a car and hit something you will see all the glass shatter from your windows, as well those little designs that you have in your car will move as well. 

5.  Cheap Guns

Remember the manufacturer of the gun in number 21 on our list, the “Budget Arms”, they really manufacture a lot of weapons that are cheaper looking. Even by the looks of the gun, the quality and how it looks you will understand why it looks cheap. 

4. Braindance

Braindance is a neural interface that allows the player to experience digitized memories of another person. And when you use this you and pay attention to small details you can already see where the path of story or the memory will lead you.

3. Breakable Items

There are a pretty large amount of items that you can break in the environment of this game. You can send garbage flying, boxes and shelves fall down, you can even make huge mess in certain areas by shooting random things.


2. Clothing

Clothes in Cyberpunk are detailed as well. They have definite thickness to it, if somebody has a glowing tattoo sometimes you can see it through the clothing if the clothing is thin enough. 

1. Crosswalk/Pedestrian lanes

Crosswalk really works in this game the way it works in real life. They change when the stop light changes, and even people don’t use it unless the signal says go. To add a more realistic detail to it, people will start running if they are in the middle of the crosswalk and walk symbol goes away. 

Video Chapters:

Intro: 0:00

23. Reload Animation: 0:27

22. The Graveyard: 0:55

21. Gun Vending Machines: 1:16

20. Detaching Limbs: 1:50

19. Shifting Gears: 2:16

18. Guitar Playing: 2:35

17. Gun Stash : 2:54

16. Posters in Districts: 3:16

15. Ferris Wheel: 3:35

14. Roller Coaster: 3:51

13. Gangs: 4:21

12. Samurai Jacket: 4:42

11. Forgiveness Booth: 5:10

10. Websites: 5:34

9. Lip Syncing: 5:57

8. Cars: 6:21

7. Car damage: 6:50

6. Digital Display: 7:13

5. Cheap Guns: 7:28

4. Braindances: 8:01

3. Breakable items: 8:33

2. Clothing: 8:56

1. Crosswalk/Pedestrian lanes: 9:13

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