Top 10 Easter Eggs in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 will really bring to a whole new futuristic world and a lot of new experiences in this game. There are also things that you might find that you won’t expect, and that we are going over today, here are 10 best easter eggs you can find in Cyberpunk 2077. Let’s get started.

10 – Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima is the creator of Metal Gear franchise and recent Death Stranding. Kojima has a cameo in a pretty early part of the game. As you go along with the main story, you will get to a mission called The Heist where you infiltrate a hotel. After talking to the receptionist before getting on the elevator, you will be given an option to “Gonna have a look around” or “Room – let’s go”, to find Kojima you will have to choose “Gonna have a look around”. Then just go the restaurant lounge, and just look around to all the tables, and you will eventually find him just chatting with others. 

9 – Death Stranding

Another Hideo Kojima related easter egg, but this time it’s Death Stranding. If you follow the River Ward story that starts with “I fought the Law” mission and then “The Hunt”. Just break into a police lab and you will find a window where you break in, and you’ll find yourself near where you need to be. Then just go to the first door in your right, then inside you will find something familiar from Death Stranding. It’s the Bridge Baby or BB from Death Stranding.

8 – GLaDOS

GLaDOS is an artificial intelligence in the game Portal. If you wanna find her, just continue with the main story, in the beginning of Act 2, you’ll eventually start a side job that will require you to hunt down a bunch of rogue AI taxicabs. The taxi with this easter egg is found in coast view and pacifica, just drive close to it and when you start scanning and listen, you will hear GLaDOS talking.

7 – The Office

The Office is an american tv series. You can find this easter egg, if you return to the Afterlife in Act 2, you’ll be able to find a guy named Dennis and just talk to him and he’ll give you a side job called “Big in Japan”. You’ll just have to deliver a japanese guy across town while being hunted by some gangsters. Completing the job will reward you with a japanese sword called Scalpel, the actual easter egg will happen when you talk to Dennis and the other guy that he’s with, after finishing the job. Then just select “Who is this guy” when you talk to Dennis, then the guy named Surgeon, will tell you a story that will sound familiar to a story to The Office. 

6 – Half-Life 3

Another game that makes its way to Cyberpunk 2077 is Half-Life. You can find this easter egg, during “The Pickup”, one of the first missions in the game, you can find a note called “No Life 3 – Review”. When you read it will say on the first sentences, “After 50 long years the wait is finally over” and yes we all know that Half-Life Alyx came out, but we haven’t heard any news about Half-Life 3 and it feels like it will really going to take a long time before we see Half-Life 3. And if you read the whole note, there’s a bunch of references about Half-Life 3.

5 – Three Shells in Demolition Man

Demolition Man is a 1993 action movie starring Sylvester Stallone, where he played as John Spartan and was sentenced to cryogenic freezing. Then when he was brought back to life, it was year 2032, and was struggling to use the toilet. You can find this in the game by just going to V’s home and going to the toilet, look inside, you’ll see three black seashells. What does it do? No one knows. 

4 – Judy Alvarez

Judy is a character in a cyberpunk which she gives reference for both Radiohead and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Both of the easter eggs are in  the form of lyrics tattooed in Judy’s arms. The easy one to spot is on her right forearm from Red Hot Chili Peppers, the other you can find it easily when Judy is driving you around on a mission and the lyrics are written on her left hand. There’s another easter egg on Judy, if you try to call, you will see at the top left corner an icon with ghost animation with a shell on the background. It is a reference to a manga and anime Ghost in the Shell. 

3 – Blade Runner

When you first see Cyberpunk, especially the night life, you will think that you already saw this kind of vibe and all the neon lights from a movie. You’re right, it is from Blade Runner. Blade Runner is like the prime representation of Cyberpunk in cinema. If you go to Pacifica you will see an abandoned hotel, and if you look around outside you will see the name of the hotel, Batty’s Hotel. This is a reference to the character Roy Batty, the villain of Blade Runner, you will also notice the origami bird on the name of the hotel, because origami animals are a recurring theme from that movie.

2 – Witcher 3

Of course what we could expect from the same company that developed and published Cyberpunk, obviously they will have Witcher easter eggs in the game.Witcher 3 has been one  of the most beloved and influential games of CD Projekt Red. The first one is during the Corpo Lifepath opening, go through the desk and you’ll see Ciri, one of the main characters in Witcher 3, on a retro magazine. The second is if you go through the arcade machines you’ll see an arcade game called Roach Race. Roach is the name of Geralt horse. The final one is if you go to the bridge near pacifica and haywood you can find a dead guy with a note. If you read the note it’s about a man looking for stashes  and caches, and also complains in the note that it’s a cruel and ludicrous game which gives reference about the smugglers’ caches in Witcher 3.

1 – Photo Mode

Taking the top spot is the photo mode in this game, where you can do poses which will give you a lot of reference in different things. It’s too many to mention but here are the best ones that you can find, the Drake approve and disapprove meme, a sailor moon pose, one of the most iconic pose in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure anime, the joker-stair meme pose, a victory pose from dark souls and probably the most famous on these is the breathtaking pose from one of the conference of the game where Keanu Reeves said it. 

Drake approve and disapprove meme
Sailor Moon pose
One of the most iconic pose in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure anime
Joker-Stair meme
Victory pose from Dark Souls
You’re breathtaking pose by Keanu Reeves

Share it with us which of these easter eggs were you able to find.

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10 – Hideo Kojima: 0:14 

9 – Death Stranding: 1:29

8 – GLaDOS: 2:25

7 – The Office: 3:39

6 – Half-Life 3: 4:56

5 – Three Shells in Demolition Man: 6:00

4 – Judy Alvarez: 7:00

3 – Blade Runner: 7:44

2 – Witcher 3: 8:24

1 – Photo Mode: 10:12

Outro: 11:45

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