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If the devil existed in the world of Cyberpunk, it would be Saburo the CEO of Arasaka. He is a corporate God of the 21st century who leads powerful corporations. It is his company that is responsible for the Soulkiller program. The program is capable of stripping away someone’s consciousness and replicating it. However, getting Arasaka as an ally in Cyberpunk 2077 would be something to think about.  

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Saburo Arasaka

Most players and Johnny despise Arasaka. And for a good reason, like all mega corporations whose sole purpose is to enrich their shareholders at whatever the cost. These companies go to war for no other reason than profit. However, the government is a little better. The central American conflict, in which Johnny fought, was perpetrated by the US government for no other reason than land expansion. Like the mega corporations, governments are filled with those who are willing to do anything to put the odds in their favor. It is safe to say then that no authority is exercised to the benefit of the people in the world of Cyberpunk. This motivates Johnny’s hate in authority in all its manifestations. 

Saburo Arasaka’s only concern is that of his family’s continued supremacy. It is for this end that he and his daughter are willing to muder and torture any who oppose them. This of course includes Johnny Silverhand after he blew up Arasaka’s tower in Night City. 

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Goro Takemura is one of Arasaka’s advocates in Cyberpunk 2077. Goro is more of a realist than an idealist. He does not view the world as it should be like Johnny does. He instead accepts that corporations will continue to have an important role in human civilization. If one company is destroyed, like Arasaka, there are dozens of others which will take its place. At any rate these corporations are the lifeblood of the world’s economy. Goro tells us first hand that he owes everything to Arasaka as millions of people around the world. This raises the question whether V killing many of Arasaka’s soldiers is worth it. Is it legitimate to argue that V’s life and Johnny’s ego is worth so much death. Johnny SIlverhand is far from a moral saint so you should listen with caution when he espouses his nihilistic philosophy. Do not forget Johnny Silverhand is a terrorist, he aided a plot that killed thousands of people. Arasaka may not value life but can it be said that Johnny does either. He kills who he pleases and acts recklessly. With the world order that Johnny envisions, be any better than that which we see Cyberpunk 2077. In other words, is complete anarchy better than a world of corrupt authority


There are  more tangible reasons to pursue the Arasaka ending in Cyberpunk 2077. FIrst and foremost, it offers a good opportunity for V’s survival. If you join Arasaka and agree with their surgery, V will undergo treatment by the company’s chief scientists. This treatment involves removing V’s consciousness in the hopes of finding a compatible body further down the line. In every other ending, V has 6 months to live at best. Although it’s suggested that he might be able to find a solution. With this ending, there is a legitimate hope that V can live a full life in a proper body in the future. Admittedly, this does put his fate at the whim of Arasaka who we know like to use others for their own ends. Ultimately the central reason for joining Arasaka is to avoid further bloodshed. V is one man in a vast world, taking down Arasaka won’t change anything. In the long run, mega corporations will continue to exist and people will continue to depend on them. Surely the best outcome is simply to accept this, accept Arasaka’s help and ultimately hope that V can find a new body. This is contentious, do you agree that these caveats are enough to justify joining Arasaka? Or would you still choose an alternative path?  

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