All Legendary Cyberware Locations! BEST Ripper Docs! (Cyberpunk 2077)

Are you looking for legendary cyberware but having trouble finding one? Here is a guide on where you can find all the legendary cyber ware in Cyberpunk 2077.

  1.  Fingers MD

While playing the main story, you will come across him but don’t punch him because if you do, you can never buy the items he sells.

  1. Frontal Cortex

Here are the locations and what particular Legendary Frontal Cortex Cyberware can be found in that area’s ripper dock.

PacificaLegendary Ex-disk
Legendary Visual Cortex Support
Legendary Camilo Ram Manager
Rare Ram UpgradeSelf-ice
Japan town, WestbrookLegendary Lymbic System
Northside, WatsonLegendary Mechatronic CoreHeal on Kill
  1. Ocular System

The highest cyberware you can find for this system is only epic, and you can find it by visiting Vic at the lower part of Watson. And while you are there, you can also get some mods in the trading tab.

  1. Circulatory System
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Here are the locations and what specific Legendary Cyberware in that particular area’s ripper docks.

Bug’s ClinicNorthern KabukiLegendary Feedback Circuit
Legendary Adrenaline Booster
Downtown, City CenterLegendary Bioplastic Bloodvessels
Mobile Camp Fast Travel PointBadlandsLegendary Blood Pump
Legendary Biomonitor
Legendary Bioconductor
South Santo DomingoLegendary Micro Generator
Tyrosine Injector
West HeywoodLegendary Second Heart
Legendary Syn Lungs
  1. Immune System
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Just go to the ripper dock in West City Center, and he will have the legendary and epic shock-n-awe, metabolic editor, and the inductor.

  1. Nervous System
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Here are the locations and what specific Legendary Cyberware in that particular area’s ripper docks


West Santo Domingo
Legendary Neofiber
Legendary Kerenzikov
Epic Nano Relays
Rare Mamuevering System
Cherry Blossom, Japan TownLegendary Synaptic Accelerator
Legendary Reflex Tuner
  1. Integumentary System
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For this system, you just have to visit the ripper dock at the Kabuki area. There you will find the Legendary Subdermal Armor.

  1. Operating System

Here are the ripper doc locations for the Operating System’s Cyberware and the Legendary items you can find in there.

Cherry Blossom Market, JapantownBiodyne Berzerk Mk. 4
Vic’s Clinic, Southern WatsonDynalar Sandevistan Mk. 4
Southern WestbrookMilitech Berzerk Mk. 5
Tetratronic Rippler Mk. 4
Western HeywoodMilitech “Falcon” Mk. 5
Netwatch Netdriver Mk. 5
Western City CenterQiant “Warp Dancer” Sandevistan Mk. 5
Arasaka Mk. 4
PacificaStephenson Tecj Mk. 4
Fuyutsui Tinkerer Mk. 3
Western Santo DomingoZetatech Berserk Mk. 4
Middle of WatsonZetatech Berserk Mk. 5
Raven Microcyber Mk. 4
  1. Skeleton
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Here are the ripper doc locations for the Skeleton’s Cyberware and the Legendary items you can find in there.

Secret ripper dock, Southern KabukiMicrorotors

Southern Westbrook
Synaptic Signal Optimizer
Bionic Lungs
Rare Dense Marrow
Rare Microvibration Generator
Western City CenterRare Titanium Bones
  1. Hands
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Here are the locations of the Hands’ Legendary Cyberware.

Vic’s Clinic, Southern WatsonSmart Link
Southern KabukiBallistic Processor
  1. Arms
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You just have to go to the west side of City Center at the end of the map, and you will find a ripper dock with all the Legendary cyberwares for the arm for sale.

  1. Legs
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You can find cyberwares for the legs in different places like in Southern Santo Domingo or in a secret ripper dock in Kabuki that will appear once you are close to it. 

Time Stamps:

00:00 – Intro

00:24 – Fingers M.D. 

01:08 – Frontal Cortex

02:35 – Ocular System

02:59 – Circulatory System

04:13 – Immune System

04:48 – Nervous System

05:21 – Integumentary System

05:40 – Operating System

07:11 – Skeleton

07:51 – Hands

08:18 – Arms

08:33 – Legs

09:16 – Outro

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