How To Quickly Tag and Reveal All Enemies in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk can really be hard when you’re facing tough missions, which also means tougher enemies. You really need to strategize and position yourself properly in order to take out enemies and not die of course. Maybe this tip can help you find you tag and reveal your enemies so you can finish missions with less damage.  

  1. As you can see you can tag enemies that are not physically visible to you. If they are behind walls or buildings you cannot reveal their position as well. But with this trick you can easily reveal enemies positions that are not visible or those that are behind walls or buildings.

2. The first step is you need to enter hacker mode, you can do this by holding L1 on console or holding Tab key on PC. Then you can tag enemies, however this method allows you to tag enemies one at a time, and you have to tag them manually. But if you want to reveal their places automatically you have to unlock the Ping option in your Quickhacks.

3. Then you can just find something to Ping, or if there is an enemy on sight you can just Ping your enemies. After that you just wait then it will reveal the locations of the parties in an enemy’s network and will also tag them for you.

4. After the enemies appear you can tag them manually so you can gather more information from them, and strategically take down these enemies. You can buy these mods at Netrunner Vendors.

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