Cyberpunk 2077 | Advanced Gameplay Tips

We are back with another Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay tips and tricks guide. In this guide we broke down 14 tips to help you improve your journey in the Night City. Let’s get right into it.

Faster Reloading

If you’ve noticed the reload animation is different if your magazine is empty or not. This allows you to have a quicker reload if you have 1 or 2 bullets left in your magazine. So reloading prematurely can be efficient especially if you are dealing with a lot of enemies.

Smart Targeting

We all know how auto targeting smart weapons can be useful in certain situations in this game. Though some players still prefer to rely on their targeting skills but if you want to be able to use these keep an eye out for any type of smartlink device to install into your hands.

If you have this installed you can just zoom it to auto target specific body parts or simply mark the target once by aiming over someone and you can shoot behind cover. 

Slo-Mo Boost

Keep an eye for Kerenzikov mod that allows you to slow time whenever you shoot while dodging or sliding. This works on melee weapons as well since it slows down the time if you slide allowing you to close on enemies performing multiple combos on them.

Safe Targeting

Some quests will require you to not kill the target and just simply stop them or probably put them to sleep. You can do this by equipping a Target Analysis mod into your ocular system

that allows your weapon to have be non-lethal, the headshots won’t do additional damage and smart weapons will only target limbs.

Scope Swap

Scopes can be vital in shooting, some weapons in the Cyberpunk seem to be very uncomfortable and feel like it’s not the right scope for your gun. Just swap over to any of your other scopes until you find the right one that will fit in your gun. 

Quick Loot Ping

Exploring new places on Night City can be time consuming. So always remember to use the Quick Scan button to mark any lootable in your field of vision. 

Vehicle Storage

Since there are a lot of items and weapons to loot on this game you’re probably one of those players who always have a full inventory. If this is a frequent problem for you, you can utilize your vehicle as additional storage. Just call over your car, head over to the trunk, and you will find a mobile storage container where you can put your other items. 

Turret Rip

If you put a few points in your character’s body stat you can rip off and use the gun attached to the auto turrets. You can simply sneak on the turrets or simply disable them by hacking to rip them off easily.

Perk Reset

If you accidentally messed up your character’s perk distribution or you probably changed your mind you can just go to any ripper dock and they sell “Tabula E-Rasa”. This will cost you 100,000 that allows you to reset all your perk points. 

Skill Checks

If there are certain tasks or actions that require a skill check make sure to do them to have additional XP on that specific skill. Since each perk tree has their own skill progression rewards with useful passives you want to get those free XP. 

Breach Loot

Make sure to look out on this symbol while playing, this indicates an access point you hack. Once these devices are breacher they give a good amount of crafting components and currency.

No Hacking

Hacking mid combat is pretty useful, since it allows you to slow down time when you highlight someone in scanning mode. But if you dislike hacking, you look for alternative operating systems that don’t use the hacking cyber decks, some of these will allow you to toggle berserk mode that buffs your offense and defense. 

Ammo Crafting

For some games limited ammo can be a problem for some players but not for Cyberpunk. Down at the bottom of your crafting menu you can craft tons of ammo yourself by using very common components.

Arm Mods

Once you progress far enough you’ll be able to get arm implants that will give you new combat abilities. You can also modify them by clicking the arm implants in your cyberware menu. 

Video Chapters

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00:37 Faster Reloading

01:02 Smart Targeting

01:49 Slo-mo Boost

02:26 Safe Targeting

03:20 Scope Swap

03:55 Quick Loot Ping

04:27 Vehicle Storage

04:53 Turret Rip

05:11 Perk Reset

05:28 Skill Checks

05:57 Breach Loot

06:27 No Hacking

07:00 Ammo Crafting

07:28 Arm Mods

08:07 Outro

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